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Vol. 12, No. 1, January 2016
Luis T. Gutiérrez, Editor
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Egalitarian Complementarity for Integral Development


"And they’re marching for you, baby
they’re marching for us
because we deserve to do more than just survive
we deserve to thrive…
so just close those eyes, baby
and sleep in peace
because we won’t let you down, you’ll see."

Photo: Simon Ruf/UN Social Media

Mother of Nations ~ Carmel of Reno


Editorial Essay: Egalitarian Complementarity for Integral Development

The Church of Economism and Its Discontents, by Richard Norgaard

Central Transitions, by Carlos Cuellar Brown

Toward a Systematic Reduction of Debt, by Carmine Gorga

The Earth Charter at 15: A Spiritual Lens on Sustainability, by Steven Rockefeller

Faith-Based Economics: The Corporate World and the Survival of Civilization, by Anne H. Ehrlich and Paul R. Ehrlich

Economic Growth: How It Works; How it Fails; Why Wealth Disparity Occurs, by Gail Tverberg

Long in the Background, Population Becoming a Bigger Issue at Climate Change Discussions, by Robert Engelman

The Ecology of Language, by Abbie Simmonds

The False Promise of Economic Growth, by George Monbiot

International Community Attempts to Negotiate with Nature in Paris, by Nat Parry

Can We Have Our Climate and Eat It Too?, by Richard Heinberg

God Beyond Gender: On Peter Wilkes’ A Woman Called God, by Jessica Lake Mason

Dismantling the Patriarchy Is an Ecumenical Task, by Marissa Stern


Advances in Sustainable Development

Directory of Sustainable Development Resources

Strategies for Solidarity and Sustainability

Best Practices for Solidarity and Sustainability

Fostering Gender Balance in Society

Fostering Gender Balance in Religion

Meditations on Man and Woman, Humanity and Nature

Egalitarian Complementarity for Integral Development

What goes around, comes around. The integral development of men is harmed as much as that of women when the feminine half of humanity is undervalued and the masculine half is overvalued. For the same reason, there can be no integral ecology as long as the patriarchal gender binary prevails in human/male-nature/female relations, as the COP21 Paris Agreement painfully shows.

COP21, Climate Change, and Mother Earth, by David Hayward, 22 December 2015

Thankfully, the age of patriarchy (as defined in Genesis 3:16) is passing away. The patriarchal family model of male headship is evolving toward joint male-female (father-mother) headship. Nurturing this egalitarian complementarity of man and woman, in both secular and religious institutions, is crucial to foster integral human development and social/ecological justice.

COP21 Paris Agreement          Paris: the Untold Story

The Paris Climate Agreement: Deliverance or Disappointment?

Too Little, Too Late          Can the Planet Be Saved?

COP21 – Is the Jubilation Warranted?

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Rabindranath Tagore (India, 1861-1941)


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