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Vol. 14, No. 5, May 2018
Luis T. Gutiérrez, Editor
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Reflections and Chronicles From The End of Time:
Revolution Starts Now

Carlos Cuellar Brown

This article was originally published as Chapter 14 of
In Search of Singularity, 20 January 2017

In a singularity, you are one with the whole, able to pull yourself together into infinite density and maximum entanglement.


Aristotle said that revolutions could be of two kinds, one that modifies the existing institutions of governance through a series of reforms, and the other a kind of revolution that radically changes the foundations of societal structures. Culture, like biological systems, can de-evolve into necrotic unsustainable dead ends. As with so many cultures that have gone extinct before us, the Western model with its agonizing main characters is self-destructing. The industrious “corporatocracy” has cornered society, preemptively herding us to a giant wall.

Reforming the current technocratic plutocracy will do little to improve the impending global economic collapse. With no signs of recovery, this current system of human interaction does not work, and we had better redesign all our institutions immediately.

Gradual change would be nice, but given the accelerating crashes all summing together into a singularity, change must come as traumatic birth.

We need to steer the human locomotive toward a plural society free from class or racial distinctions. This plural society must be based on respect, empathy, information, technology, local food cooperatives and expressions of art. New republican constitutions will be drafted with whole new sets of laws and social agreements. This revolution will begin with the eradication of all wars, tribal or continental. Let’s declare a moratorium on the mega trillion military industrial complex and stop manufacturing weapons.

Begin by stopping the carnage among fellow humans; no more innocent civilian casualties on any street or any town. It’s unacceptable that we continue to conduct Darwinian primal impulses making of this world the psychopathy of horror and destruction. Instead, why not build a paradise on Earth, why not reconstruct and empower society to its fullest potential. It’s totally sociopathic that we spend more trillions in national defense. We have to stop building bombs for the “narco-mobster” industry of death. We can begin by dismantling our nuclear stockpiles which can destroy Earth many thousands of times over. We can begin with a moratorium on the poisoning of water, soil, and air. Let’s put an urgent stop to all the toxic pharmacopeia imposed by Big-Pharma. The masterminds of these atrocities must be made accountable. Precipitately we need to knock some sense back into our collective thinking. No more shortsightedness. Let’s be wise for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

Let’s invest in programs that will endow the commonwealth in the context of community and ecology, not this dumbing down of the population. Let’s promote, holistic and preventive health education, inventiveness, creativity, and innovation. Let’s revise how we create and distribute wealth. Let’s be eerie of market forces that deceive human beings and foster addictions. Let’s create regional economies based on real needs with quality goods and services. Let’s get millions working in the restoration of the biosphere. Let’s ignite small business and generate local markets that promote sustainable practices and cooperation in a host of autonomous technological villages.

Revolutions have occurred throughout the history of humankind resulting in major changes in sociopolitical institutions. Intermittent spurts of eruptions that turn the tide of human destiny, revolutions tend to be short lived. They reach climatic status usually after violent mass protests, arrests, and casualties. As the hive mentality awakens, born out of famine in Africa, and extreme misery in Bombay, injustice is activating millions. These include unemployed destitute homeless after foreclosure, workers laid off, jobless graduates and sweatshop laborers of south East Asia. They are all taking to the streets. With nothing left to lose but life itself, we are calling on a stop to this insanity.

The 1% elite sustains itself on the shoulders of the soul collective. We cannot accept this anymore; this unfathomable dysfunction inside the sociopathic ego-mind of gangster mega-banks must be stopped. Ego will also be attenuated and tamed within ourselves; a mandatory revision of who we are and what are we doing is past due. The human spirit is rising to the occasion like the phoenix, with its marvelous ability to heal and resurrect from the ashes. Understanding that the collective energy is a force with which to be reckoned. We will deal with its energy signature as a whole and not belonging to any one individual. The illusion of self is a mirage when you fall asleep it disappears. We are more like different perspectives, or the many eyes that decorate this fluffy sponge cake called consciousness.

Since “we are all one” consciousness, it’s our mighty responsibility to acknowledge our collective malfunction. Let’s accept our mistakes and admit to our temptations. We have become detached from reality. We have forgotten to desire freedom, habituated as we are to slavery. If we want to be free we have to get rid of our dependencies and the controls in our life. An authentic revolution comes almost entirely from within in an act of self-governance, yet it stands for the collective. The distress and illness of any part of this multifaceted collective can disrupt its coherence and will contain growth, and diminishes the mass awakening eyes of consciousness.

The ground truth is that the current model of society has taken us to a crumbling wall. The game is over; this paradigm has to be replaced with brand new systems of governance. The laws that keep this takeover by the global corporate bankers are only binding upon the consent of “we the people.” This is the founding principle of direct democracy. What this means is that all laws can be revoked at any time; no law is deemed mandatory. The inalienable right to say no more will incite the change for which we are championing.

Completely disconnected from human suffering and ecosystem suicide, the private banking cartels hide in their slick high rises, relying on deceptive derivatives, rigged speculation, and Ponzi schemes. With no more banker bailouts, the walls of this fortress will not contain the explosion of mass awakening. Tired of deceit and government abuse, hungry, broke, in debt, people from all strata of society are occupying big cities and towns to express their right to free speech and to peaceful assembly. In the meantime, the corporate CEOs, occupied with their own psychopathy and record bonuses, perpetuate the power of their bosses in the shadow banking headquarters. Their workers on Wall Street with buttoned up three thousand dollar suits, occupy offices hiding behind computers screens. They too will witness the walls collapsing around them like chips on the mega bubble monopoly board. They too will be joining the 99% on Main Street. Govern thyself or be governed by others. What space do you want to occupy?


Carlos Cuellar Brown is a New York City media artist and essayist who has written on new media, social theory and metaphysics. His essays have been posted online by Opendemocracy, The Global Dispatches, The Pelican Web, Kosmos Journal, and STARDRIVE.

In 2013 his essay “Intermedial Being” was published by A Journal of Performance and Art PAJ #106 MIT Press Journals. In 2015 Mr. Brown was nominated for the TWOTY awards out of the Netherlands for his essay “Blueprint for Change”. He has been a regular columnist for Second Sight Magazine and Fullinsight.

His book, In Search of Singularity: Reflections and Chronicles from the End of Time, published 29 January 2017, is a series of reflections on the current cultural evolution from competition to cooperation, from patriarchy to reciprocity between humanity and the human habitat.

"It is error only, and not truth,
that shrinks from inquiry."

Thomas Paine (1737-1809)


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