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Vol. 13, No. 7, July 2017
Luis T. Gutiérrez, Editor
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Reflections and Chronicles From The End of Time: The Con-God

Carlos Cuellar Brown

This article was originally published as Chapter 4 of
In Search of Singularity, 20 January 2017


A screaming robotic ring tone announced my chat box was full. I got a message loaded with dozens of infrared satellite images; showing new pyramids and ruins in Bosnia, offshore in Japan, hidden in the jungles and mud ponds of Guatemala, submerged off the coast of Cuba, buried under parts of the greater Egypt along the Nile. Geological analysis from some of these sites suggests that civilization, as it were has been around for more than 10 thousand years. New information readily available at your fingertips everywhere is tipping the current world view. The unforeseen consequences of a different world view will challenge the status quo. Economic conglomerates will need to adapt to new paradigms. Many will disappear, the flexible ones will take on new leadership at this breaking point. We need pro-active economic groups and corporations involved in the rebuilding of our collective experience on Earth, based on cooperation, sustainable practices and quality of life. All this is reshaping the way we do business.

Economic elites will have to admit into evidence a host of new “modus operandi.” Including the dismantling of top-down hierarchies and power structures. These economic institutions will need to change their exploitation mentality and short-term profit schemes. Corporate structures will have to open to the community and regionally based partnerships, where the ecosystem is protected, where individual rights are enhanced and strengthened, and where natural resource development has real environmental costs. Where capital partnership develops services that promote clean energy technologies and the recycling of materials. Done at the empathic scale, without breaking the thin glossy layer of our biosphere, where we give back as much or more than we take.

The new paradigms will require open systems. Secrecy will be a thing of the past. Secrecy is at the core of mind conditioning. With hidden lies, groups can spread fear among the population and conspire. All the hoax and skewed information that has been fed to us will peel layer upon layer. For one, we have become prisoners of our own thoughts. We have been told what to think. We have become what we think, yet thoughts are only symbols that describe past events. Language and the left-brain ego has kidnapped our consciousness.

Early on in societal history, the strongest male clans of rich landowners and merchants positioned themselves to control the rest of us. Their survival depended on our submissions, like the Middle Ages feudal lord regime. Back then the lords obliged allegiance and service to what they thought was their property: the vassals. This acquired imposition has sculpted through the ages a proprietary herd like mentality. The masses have become for the most part sleepy sub-sentient slave like followers systematically manipulated by the elite. To their demise and because of the flaws in capitalist democratic corporate systems, the establishment, risen to mega power dimensions, now threatens the very nature of existence. These systems are intrinsically secretive and morally corrupt. Power structures do not act in the interest of the people but are rather shaped by personal ambitions, material prosperity and a desire to control the general population. They invent the rules and impose their regulations. Through the media by warfare on our senses, manipulative symbology has scripted the life of Westerners, as they sell out to a model of how to be, what to buy when to buy. They keep us busy sitting comfortably phone-plugged TV zombie-fed. They have divided us into nations, with borders, races, religions, faiths, parties, groups, titles, clubs, varsities, cities, states, apart and segregated.

The ruling elite needs to enact control godlike powers. Like mythical gods, they are obsessed with riches, obsessed with “bling bling.” Spreading gluttonous ideals, creating pathological slaves in competition for a small piece of the dreamy materialistic reality pie show.

Who is this god that is obsessed with power, obsessed with money and gold diggers? Who are these people who sold us as slaves?

Wake up, think for yourself, outside the trappings of thought and culture. There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Join in on the awakening of consciousness. There is an open invitation to all, the urgency is making the call.

An open society with the aid of the internet will unveil the wizard badly dressed on the other side of the smoke screen, wearing only but his glittering carrot gold chains, convincing himself through the repent of broken mirrors, that he is not the reflection of the con god of materialism and objectivity.


Carlos Cuellar Brown is a New York City media artist and essayist who has written on new media, social theory and metaphysics. His essays have been posted online by Opendemocracy, The Global Dispatches, The Pelican Web, Kosmos Journal, and STARDRIVE.

In 2013 his essay “Intermedial Being” was published by A Journal of Performance and Art PAJ #106 MIT Press Journals. In 2015 Mr. Brown was nominated for the TWOTY awards out of the Netherlands for his essay “Blueprint for Change”. He has been a regular columnist for Second Sight Magazine and Fullinsight.

His book, In Search of Singularity: Reflections and Chronicles from the End of Time, published 29 January 2017, is a series of reflections on the current cultural evolution from competition to cooperation, from patriarchy to reciprocity between humanity and the human habitat.

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Ludwig von Bertalanffy (1901-1972)


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