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Luis T. Gutiérrez, Editor
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About the Editor, Website, and Journal

My name is Luis Teodoro Gutiérrez. I am a Christian in the Roman Catholic tradition, Cuban-American, married to Lourdes María Valdés since 1963, two children, four grandchildren. I hold B.S. and M.S. degrees in Industrial Engineering (University of Florida, 1967, 1968) and a Ph.D. in Industrial & Systems Engineering (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1974). After working 40 years in industry and professional consulting (Registered Professional Engineer, Maryland, 1975), now I spend most of my time doing independent research and working on this website and journal. My current research focus is the confluence of cultural evolution, religious traditions, emerging technologies, solidarity and sustainability issues, integral human development, and the transition to an integral ecology.

The website is The Pelican Web. It is an entirely personal and independent website, not affiliated with any secular or religious institution. The website logo shows a female pelican in her nest, a legendary symbol of commitment to the service of others, especially those who are weak and most vulnerable. In the Christian tradition, it is also a symbol of Christ's sacrificial love for humanity. The mission of the website includes publishing a monthly e-journal, the Mother Pelican Journal of Solidarity and Sustainability. It provides bits and pieces of my own reflections, selected articles, and annotated links to current research and emerging issues. There is also a separate section of Meditations on Man and Woman, Humanity and Nature. This is "work in progress" pursuant to elucidating the conflation of patriarchal gender ideology and revealed truth.

This is a pro bono publico, free access website/journal published under a Creative Commons license. Subscription is free, and commercials are not allowed. A notice is distributed to members of the Solidarity-Sustainability Google Group when the monthly update is released. I can be contacted via email at